Professional & Reliable Services

Our base rule for success is customer satisfaction without compromising reliability and professionalism in our products and services.

Thanks to this policy, we believe our customers will support us to become a leader in the industries and markets we serve in.

Being an international sales distributor of various decoration product brands, Alter Yapi has successfully designed special furniture for customized projects since 2015.


The architects of Alter Yapi design every square meter of the public, industrial and dwelling projects optimally using the elements of design, technology, aesthetics, time, budget, materials and planning to meet the project purpose in the best way and they have realized numerous projects of significant brands in Turkey and around the world.

With its team of specialist architects, the company has created a collection consisting of special design furniture, lighting and decoration products. It offers sales and application services to its customers inland and overseas.

Construction and Project Management

Alter Yapi has a team that can undertake tasks in every field of construction projects. The company has become a reference point with its numerous industrial, dwelling and public construction projects in Turkey and around the world.

Environment and Landscaping

Environmental landscaping, green area and firm ground designing, plant and material selection...
Alter Yapi, offers its services in every field of environmental and landscaping projects to create the environment that fits the human soul the best.

Believing in the need to give more place to green and nature in architectural projects, Alter Yapi aims to become an address of reference for vertical garden projects inland and overseas with its trademark "gardenatwall".

Security Technologies

With its specialist and experienced team, Alter Yapi establishes, operates and provides technical support for the monitoring, supervision, identification, access control and traffic control systems that would be needed in public, commercial or personal projects.